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·       Demo ( Enhancer-Promoter Interaction) in paper: “ Using Nascent RNAs to Predict Distal PPARγ Target Genes”

·       Demo of DWSS in “Heavy-Tailed Noise Suppression and Derivative Wavelet Scalogram for Detecting DNA Copy Number Aberrations”, submitted.

·       Simulated aCGH

·       SeqW in “A wavelet approach to detect enriched regions and explore epigenomic landscapes”

·       Dewer in  “A stationary wavelet entropy based clustering approach accurately predicts gene expression”

·       AWNFR in  “A wavelet-based method to exploit epigenomic language in the regulatory region”

·       Stationary Wavelet Packet Transform and paper

·       Denoise aCGH by SWPT-LaBi and paper

·       Denoise aCGH by SWPT-Bi  and paper

·       Envelope Analysis and paper

·       Peak Detection in MS: GaborEnvelop and paper

·       GDWavelet Method, full method and paper

·       Simulated SELDI-TOF (MS)